Who am I?

My name is Amber. I am a 28 year old full-time single Mum to an under 1 year old. I live in Bristol, UK. Presently on maternity leave until January 2021. Maternity leave and lockdown during 2020 has rekindled a passion for writing that I’d almost long forgotten, and I’ve decided to do all I can to keep that passion flowing. In June 2020 I finally made the big decision to begin writing my first novel… because that’s easy on top of being a single parent, right? 

I like to write about things candidly, as they are. Including topics that can be tricky to talk about.

When I’m not being a Mum or writing, you’ll find me gardening, photographing things, doing some yoga or enjoying a book. I’m also a very keen traveller, and I’m extremely passionate about breaking the stigma around mental health.

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