A little family time

I’ve been quiet again for the last week but this time it’s for a much better reason, I’ve been on a little family holiday! Pickles’ first ever holiday. Now, of course I planned to do loads of writing whilst I was there, but I was too busy enjoying being there, spending time with my Mum and Pickle – definitely a good reason to not have written this time!

There was unfortunately a fair bit of stress thrown our way, and we had to come home a day early, but overall it was pretty great. 

We rented a beautiful barn conversion in Dartmoor. We were right by the moors with sheep, cows and wild ponies all around. Winding roads and beautiful nature. We spent our time outdoors, enjoying being together as a family… and having way too many cream teas. (Goodbye healthy weight loss)

I feel unbelievably proud of my little one. I had plenty of worries about taking her away at not even 7 months. What if she isn’t good in the car for that long? What if she gets really upskittled staying somewhere new? What if she won‘t sleep in her travel cot?! What if I forget something really important?!? And to top it all off she really started teething a few days before we were due to go. The two nights before we went I ended up with her sleeping in my bed because she just wouldn’t settle anywhere else, and I barely got any sleep. I was so worried I was going to come back from the holiday even more exhausted, and that we’d have gone backwards. 

I learnt that she is one heck of a resilient and adaptable little one. She did really well, she was good on the drive down (a little bit of upset but she calmed when we stopped), she settled in the travel cot, she didn’t get upskittled about being there. As long as I was there, and her Nana was there, she was happy and enjoying herself. I feel like such a proud mum that she did so well with it all. 

I also learnt that Dartmoor is really not the ideal place for a holiday with a 7 month old. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Dartmoor is a pretty middle of no where type place. The moors are rocky, hilly, sometimes boggy and always tricky to walk over. There are a lot of ditches, holes and obstacles like fallen trees, and walls to step over. (I had a spectacular fall whilst there, but with all these trIp hazards… I fell over nothing, don’t even try to tell me that’s not a skill!)

I learnt that I am way more relaxed about planning and organising a holiday than I used to be. Probably too relaxed. I definitely didn’t have some things that I could’ve done with (like a decent carrier for Pickle to be on my back, or waterproof footwear… oops). I learnt that carrying a heavy baby on your front hanging outwards is pretty hard work and killer for your back and hips. 

I’ve realised (with pride) that Pickle gets her adaptability from me. I feel like I really got to know myself again post-pregnancy, now that the tricky hormones are settling and I’m well out of a toxic relationship. It’s reminded me that I am really adaptable, easygoing, and grounded. During pregnancy (and a relationship that was really not good for me) I was none of these things. I became highly stressed, I would react to things I never would have pre-pregnancy, I was manic and over emotional, pretty much the total opposite to how I actually am. It feels like a weight has been lifted realising that’s not who I am, that it was hormones and being in a shitty situation that made me like that. 

I learnt that although my family is tiny, we’re a great little family. My Mum and I work so well together, and Pickle adores being with us both. We are all great at making the most of whatever’s thrown at us, and turning it into something fun, with tonnes of laughing fits along the way. I’m so lucky and grateful to have the bond I have with both of them. 

It wasn’t quite the holiday we were expecting. We had some big stressors that were totally out of our control, and it’s real shame these happened and had to slightly taint what could’ve been an incredible family holiday. I’m really glad we went though. I feel lucky to have had the time I did with my Mum and daughter, and I’m now super excited for other family holidays to come. I’m happy to be back from it, feeling content and ready to take on whatever life throws my way.

The final thing I learnt… I am absolutely besotted with the misty moors. Seriously, they’re incredible. I could spend hours, days even, wandering them and photographing them. I will be back with my camera as soon as I get the opportunity!

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A single, working Mum and aspiring writer, trying to navigate a pandemic in Bristol, UK.

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